08/2023 Proceedings

Gonnermann, Jana | Teichmann, Malte

Influence of Pre-Experience on Learning, Usability and Cognitive Load in a Virtual Learning Environment


Virtual reality can have advantages for education and learning. However, it must be adequately designed so that the learner benefits from the technological possibilities. Understanding the underlying effects of the virtual learning environment and the learner’s prior experience with virtual reality or prior knowledge of the content is necessary to design a proper virtual learning environment. This article presents a pre- study testing the design of a virtual learning environment for engineering vocational training courses. In the pre-study, 12 employees of two companies joined the training course in one of the two degrees of immersion (desktop VR and VR HMD). Quantitative results on learning success, cognitive load, usability, motivation, and qualitative learning process data were presented. The qualitative data assessment shows that overall, the employees were satisfied with the learning environment regardless of the level of immersion and that the participants asked for more guidance and structure accompanying the learning process. Further research is needed to test for solid group differences.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Gonnermann, Jana; Teichmann, Malte
Datum 08/2023
Konferenztitel Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2023
Keywords Immersion, virtual learning environments, learner characteristics, vocational training, cognitive load theory